To evict a tenant in Maryland, an action must be brought in the landlord-tenant division of the District Court of Maryland for the county in which the rental property is located. The most common court actions in landlord-tenant court are actions for landlords seeking to evict a tenant. These include actions against tenants for failure to pay rent, holding over after the lease has expired, and breach of lease.  The links listed below provide more information for each type of action. 

Information for Landlords

Do I need to go to court to evict my tenant?

Unless a tenant of a dwelling unit (i.e., a residential tenant) has voluntarily abandoned or surrendered the leased premises, a landlord may not take possession or threaten to take possession of a dwelling unit from a tenant or tenant holding over by locking the tenant out or any other action... Click here to continue

How do I handle a tenant who has not paid rent?

Maryland law authorizes summary ejectment proceedings for use when a landlord wants to quickly recover possession of rental property because the tenant failed to pay rent. The court provides pre-printed forms that must be completed and filed. The applicable form is Form DC-CV-082 (Failure to Pay Rent – Landlord’s Complaint for Repossession of Rented Property).  ... Click here to continue

Is the landlord required to accept rent after the court date? - Right of Redemption

If the Tenant pays all amounts determined to be past due under the judgment for possession, plus court awarded costs and fees, then the landlord may not move forward with eviction. This right of the tenant to cancel the eviction is called the right to redemption... Click here to continue



My Tenant's lease expired, but they won't leave.

To evict a tenant who will not leave after their lease expires, the landlord must provide property written notice and file an action for holding over. At least thirty days’ notice is required.  The exact number of days depends on the lease terms and the laws of the county in which the property is located. ... Click here to continue



My tenant requested a jury trial, what do i do next?

In any case where the amount in controversy exceeds $15,000.00, exclusive of attorney’s fees, if attorney’s fees are recoverable by law or contract, the parties are entitled to a jury trial. If a jury trial is timely demanded in a landlord-tenant action, the action may be transferred to circuit court for trial. Click here to continue



Five Myths about Pursuing a Tenant for late rent.

I cannot count the number of times landlords have come to me when after months and months of partial payments and late payments, the tenant ultimately stops paying.


 These landlords have usually allowed the tenant to amass a 3-6 month past due balance and are in full blown panic mode due to the loss of revenue...  Imagine the shock... Click here to continue


Tenant Rights

My landlord will not make repairs - Rent Escrow

Where a defect at a residential rental property presents a substantial and serious threat of danger to life, health, or safety of the occupants of the property, Real Property § 8-211 allows a tenant to pay rent into an escrow account with the clerk of the court, instead of to the landlord, provided that the tenant meets certain conditions. Click here to continue.



I paid my rent after the court date. Can I still be evicted?

My landlord gave me a notice to vacate.  Do I need to leave?

Whether a tenant is required to leave after receiving a notice to vacate depends on several factors.  However, it is NEVER lawful for a landlord to evict a residential tenant without first obtaining a court ordered judgment for possession and warrant of restitution. Accordingly, a landlord can never force a tenant to leave immediately. Click here to continue...

I received a Petition For Warrant of Restitution.  Am I about to be evicted?

Once a landlord is awarded possession due to failure to pay rent, an action for holding over, breach of lease, or wrongful detainer, eviction of a residential tenant (including lockout) cannot occur until the court orders the sheriff to proceed with eviction. The court will not issue an order... Click here to continue.




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