Estate Planning

Wills and trusts, two very powerful tools in planning an estate, can dictate everything from who is to care for minor children to who is to receive an heirloom cooking set.


For many people, thinking about death is difficult, and they never get around to planning what happens to their money and belongs if they die. While the thought may be scary, the only way to ensure that belongings are inherited as desired is to take the time to plan. It also saves your loved ones the time and energy of needing to gues what needs to happen. 



People often think estate planning and wills are for the wealthy and upper middle class.  It is true that people who are well off have more to lose if they die without a will, but it is also true that in... Read more



What happens with a person’s property if they die without a last will and testament or other estate planning tool such as a trust is largely determined by state law. The laws vary from state to state. In Maryland, with a few exceptions, property that would have passed by a will is inherited by... Read more







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