My Tenant asked for a jury trial. 

In any case where the amount in controversy exceeds $15,000.00, exclusive of attorney’s fees, if attorney’s fees are recoverable by law or contract, the parties are entitled to a jury trial. If a jury trial is timely demanded in a landlord-tenant action, the action may be transferred to circuit court for trial. A protective order compelling the payment of rents (or fair market rent, as applicable) into escrow during pendency of failure to pay rent, holding over, and wrongful actions shall issue immediately upon the demand for jury trial. In practice, the landlord or person demanding possession may need to file a motion to request entry of any such order. Md. Code Ann., Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 4-402(e); Real Property § 8-601 et seq; Real Property §§ 8-118 and 8-118.1


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